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Mettā Medicine is a medical clinic and med spa in Mesa, Arizona that offers Ketamine Infusions, IV Nutrition Therapy, Aesthetic Facial Injections, Hair Restoration Therapy, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Peptide Therapy and Medical Weight-loss,

For those specifically interested in Ketamine Therapy, we are not a traditional pain clinic / psychiatry clinic and we do not offer any of those services directly. Most of our patients have already exhausted all of the treatment avenues available to them with little to no results, leaving them without hope. Our Ketamine therapy treatments are designed to work in conjunction with your current medical regimen.

For those looking into our other services, know that Mettā Medicine is for people ready to feel the best and be the best version of themselves by investing in their health. We leverage 10 years of experience in conventional medicine, cutting edge treatments and the most effective coaching strategies in order to get you to your goals whether it's a quick IV Drip or a longer treatment plan.

Our Team

Trever Wilkins, DO 

Emergency Room Physician

Metta Medicine provides optimal health through integrative medicine with an emphasis on mental well-being. Dr. Trever Wilkins is the founder and director. He is an Emergency Medicine Physician with a passion for health modalities that support maximum health. His focus is  ketamine infusions combined with Subconscious Repairing Therapy (SRT) for treatment-resistant depression and anxiety.

Ketamine Therapy and Subconscious Repairing Therapy have helped patients with break throughs that had sufferred from severe anxiety and depression with years of therapy and pharmaceuticals. Many of them thought they could not improve their symptoms and had almost given up hope.


As an Emergency Medicine Physician, Dr. Wilkins has administered IV medication for over a decade. He is an expert at managing complicated pharmaceuticals like Ketamine. He has safely administered these medications, even in critical settings.

Dr. Wilkins has made IV Ketamine available in the outpatient setting, which historically was only given in a hospital. Intravenous therapy is often the best way to administer medications. It can have superior benefits because it reaches blood without the interference of the gastrointestinal system. Intravenous Ketamine has been especially effective and life-changing for individuals who suffer from treatment-resistant depression.

Dr. Wilkins understands that physical health is an important component of mental health and well-being. Metta Medicine incorporates conventional medicine and other innovative treatments such as Hair Restoration Injections, Prolotherapy, Peptide Therapy, Facial Aesthetics, Medical Weight Loss and Hormone Replacement Therapy. 

Metta Medicine

4121 E. Valley Auto Drive

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Phone: (480) 492- 5758


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