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Ketamine Therapy

Find relief from depression, anxiety disorders and PTSD


Ketamine for anxiety, depression, PTSD, significantly reduce day-to-day symptoms.

Fast Response

If patients respond to ketamine infusions, it can rapidly reduce symptoms in the first infusion.


One of our main goals is to make ketamine infusions accessible to those in need, that's why we exist. We offer some of the lowest prices in Arizona and across the nation.

Quality Care

Your infusion treatment is performed by Dr. Wilkins, and experienced ER doctor in our clean clinic.

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Ketamine Treats Depression Differently

Ketamine is one of 'truly' new treatment options for depression. In fact, it has been found to be especially effective for those suffering from treatment-resistant depression

What Should Be Known About Ketamine?

1. Ketamine is approved by the FDA as a medication for treatment-resistant depression. Ketamine has been used in the hospital setting for years, mostly as a sedative for procedures in the emergency department and operating room. It typically is given intravenously and with close medical monitoring.

Ketamine can treat depression when other treatment modalities have failed. It works immediately differing from standard oral medications that often take weeks. It can be done in the outpatient setting if there is advanced medical equipment and staff.

2. When used for treating depression, ketamine is administered in much lower doses than those used in anesthesia procedures, which means you are awake the entire time. At Mettā Medicine, ketamine is administered intravenously (IV Drip).


3. The recommended ketamine treatment protocol for depression is 4 to 6 treatments with administration determined by Dr. Wilkins. 

4. If you are taking anti-depressants, DO NOT STOP taking them while undergoing ketamine for depression. 

5. Ketamine is not a cure for depression. But, instead a highly effective treatment plan.

How Ketamine Works In Your Body

Ketamine changes the NMDA neuroreceptor in the brain increasing the neurotransmitter glutamate. People with depression have changes with this part of the brain and lower neurotransmitter. Ketamine improves the neuron connections in the brain (neuroplasticity). The exact mechanism of Ketamine is not completely understood, but for years physicians and researchers have observed profound improvement in depressed patients that received the medication.

Some have only heard about Ketamine as a drug of abuse or for its use as a "horse tranquilizer." It is abused recreationally. Because it is one of the safest sedatives veterinarians use it often. It is a controlled substance administered only by qualified medical providers. It is listed as one of the most mandatory medications by the World Health Organization because of its efficacy and safety parameters.

Who Would Benefit From Ketamine?

The short answer is someone with treatment-resistant depression. Treatment-resistant depression is defined as symptoms severe enough to require treatments lasting longer than six months and attempts at two different depression medications. More than 10% of the United States population is on anti-depressants. The majority of those have been on the medication for years. 

Combined Ketamine Therapy

Not to get confused with our regular Ketamine Therapy, but we now offer another service under Ketamine which is referred to at 'Combined' Ketamine Therapy. 

This service combines our Ketamine Infusion Therapy with traditional mental health therapy.


This is performed by Helen Bair, MAPC, an experienced therapist of over 20 years. Helen uses traditional therapy augmented with subconscious reparative therapy and hypnotherapy.


The dissociative state of mind that Ketamine creates allows patients to comfortably address depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, and other mental health concerns. Patients more easily access this state of mind with pharmaceutical assistance. Many patients address and improve these conditions synergistically by combining these therapies. 

All treatment/sessions take place at the Mettā Medicine clinic.


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